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Information for Attorneys

Welcome to the Law Offices of Brian R. Watkins, PLC’s information and resource page for our professional colleagues at large and our fellow constitutional warriors of the defense bar.

Referrals: Fees & Policies

We are happy to offer attorneys referral fees (or discounts to clients referred by attorneys) for criminal defense cases, criminal appeals cases, and university misconduct / Title IX defense cases. Our referral fees are competitive and promptly paid. Further, referred clients will receive disclosure of the referral pursuant to relevant MRPC requirements and professional best practices. Referring counsel will receive regular case updates if desired. If you are sending someone our way, please contact us in advance so we can take appropriate note of the referral and learn a little about the potential client.

Services We Offer to Attorneys

We are pleased to offer the following services to other lawyers:

As Shakespeare famously reminds us in Hamlet, “When sorrows come, they come not single spies, but in battalions.” As defense attorneys, our clients regularly face the same allegations in more than one venue. We offer representation in areas where concurrent representation is commonly required, such as:
– Criminal defense representation
– CPS / DHHS representation
– PPO defense representation
– Title IX defense representation
If you represent a client in one of these areas and need concurrent counsel for another, contact us to find out how we can help.

Interlocutory appeals are allowed under Michigan law. We offer interlocutory appellate representation or consultation in Michigan criminal cases, which is particularly helpful for trial counsel with limited appeals experience or an unforgiving calendar.

Have a criminal case with lots of discovery? We can review, organize, structure, and coordinate voluminous discovery in both state and federal Michigan criminal cases. We can also help CJA Panel attorneys request fund allocation from their supervising courts.

We represent attorneys challenging Freedom of Information Act denials, redaction, and excessive costs of production.

It’s tough to be everywhere at once. We are happy to stand in for Michigan lawyers needing coverage.

We can associate as local counsel for attorneys seeking pro hac vice admission in Michigan courts.

We have a passion for Title IX and university misconduct defense. Brian regularly presents to bar associations and professional organizations on these cases and is happy to offer his insight to other lawyers.

If you have questions about any of the services we offer other attorneys:

Michigan Defense Attorney Resource Library

Coming Soon!! We are excited to let you know that this is the future home of a resource library where other defense counsel will be able to find links to manuals, guides, and other materials commonly useful to defending clients. As well, we plan to release some of our own work product, templates, and guides. Let us know if you have any suggestions while we plan and organize this section.

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